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Empathy Rootgrow 60g

Empathy Rootgrow 60g

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Price £ 2.65
Empathy Rootgrow 60g
Empathy Rootgrow 60g
Price £ 2.65

Empathy Rootgrow

Rootgrow™ contains mycorrhizal fungi which naturally increase nutrient and water uptake by forming a highly efficient secondary root system. It is completely natural and plant-friendly fungi suitable for use on flowering plants, trees, shrubs and edibles.

One application will support a plant for its entire lifetime!

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How To Use: 

Container and Plug Plants:

1. Refer to the dosage table

2. Sprinkle rootgrow evenly into the planting hole

3. Place plants on top of the granules ensuring the roots are in direct contact

4. Backfill as normal.



Application Rates

Pot Size (L) No. of 10ml scoops No. of plants treated Treatment (Ml)
2 2 19 20
5 4 9 40
10/15 7 5 70
25 12 3 120
50 16 2 160
100 32 1 320


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