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Grow Your Own Soft Fruit

Grow Your Own Soft Fruit

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is one of the most rewarding gardening activities and perfect for children, what could better than watching your own delicious crops grow! November is the perfect time to plant many types of soft fruit so you can enjoy delicious, juicy berries and currants next year.

Growing soft fruit is surprisingly easy and with many varieties being heavy cropping, growing your own can be a bonus on the wallet as well as palate! If you’re short on space, fruit bushes can be incorporated into beds and borders or many thrive in containers. They will do best in a rich, fertile, well-drained soil and a sunny position although they will tolerate partial shade.


Our pick of the crop for November planting are:

  • Blackcurrant ‘Ben Tirran’ – a very high yielding variety that can be picked from late July and through August. Its glossy, medium-sized berries are rich in vitamin C and suitable for both cooking and eating. ‘Ben Tirran’ does best when planted in a position that is sheltered from cold winds and late frosts.
  • Gooseberry ‘Hinnomaki Green’ – originating from Finland this variety is very hardy, easy to grow and boasts excellent mildew resistance making it ideal for organic growing. It produces a heavy crop of green berries, slightly tangy skin but still sweet in taste from late July.
  • Raspberry ‘Glen Lyon’ – like many Raspberries, this variety originates from Scotland. It is a self-fertile variety that produces large, intensely sweet fruits during July. ‘Glen Lyon’s bonus points come from its good disease resistance and less spiny canes! It can be grown in a container and the berries are suitable for both cooking and eating.


Our friendly team are always on hand to help you select the best varieties for your garden.



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