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Epipremnum aureum 'White Panther'

Price £ 5.99

Epipremnum aureum 'White Panther'

Price £ 5.99

Epipremnum aureum 'White Panther'

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    Plant Lust
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Uniheat 30 hr Shipping Warmer

Uniheat 30 hour shipping warmer heat pack designed for the safe transportation of flowers and plants, tropical fish, corals, reptiles, amphibians, insects and live foods. Disposable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly shipping warmer.

Shipping Warmer Contents - Iron Powder, water, activated carbon, vermiculite, wood powder and salt.

Uniheat shipping warmers are recognized worldwide as the preferred choice of both professional shippers, importers, hobbyist shippers, and transporters of livestock.

£ 5.99
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