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Lawn Dressing 25L

Lawn Dressing 25L

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Price £ 6.99
Lawn Dressing 25L
Lawn Dressing 25L
Price £ 6.99

Growmoor Lawn Dressing

Growmoor Lawn Dressing is essential when repairing bare spots, hollows or even bumps in your lawn. This universal lawn dressing plays an important role in protecting lawns from thatch infestations. Growmoor’s specially formulated product has a loam base which will increase moisture retention and aid to the breakdown of nutrients and aids grass growth.

  • For sucessful feeding and growth
  • Added nutrients and trace elements for healthier plants

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£40.00 – NE31-36, NE47, NE49, NE65, DH1-9, SR1-7

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