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Helleborus 'Harvington Double Chocolate' 2L

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Helleborus 'Harvington Double Chocolate' 2L

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Price £ 14.99
  • Quantity
In stock
Helleborus Harvington® 'Double Chocolate' - © Bob Purnell
Helleborus 'Harvington Double Chocolate' 2L
Price £ 14.99

Helleborus Harvington® 'Double Chocolate'

Harvington® ‘Double Chocolate’ is a vigorous garden-worthy plant that will increase in beauty as the years go by.

  • Double chocolate flowers from late winter to early spring
  • Great in woodland gardens, pots & containers
  • Hardy and perennial for many years
  • Best in partial shade in a fertile moist but well-drained soil
  • Height 45cm - Spread 60cm

Lenten Rose, Hellebore

  • EAN code
  • Brand
  • Pot Size
    2L (17cm)
  • Aspect
    East-facing, North-facing, South-facing, West-facing
  • Attractive to Wildlife
    Attractive to Bees
  • Flower Colour
    Purple, Red
  • Flower Form
  • Flowering Month
    December, February, January, March
  • Foliage Colour
  • Foliage Type
  • Garden Style
    City & Courtyard Garden, Cottage & Informal Garden, Patio & Container, Woodland Garden
  • Hardiness (RHS rating)
    H7 colder than -20ºC. Very hardy
  • Height
  • Spread
  • Moisture
    Moist but well-drained
  • pH
    Alkaline, Neutral
  • Plant Habit
  • Plant Type
  • Planting Types
    Borders and Beds, Underplanting of Deciduous Trees and Shrubs
  • Season of Interest
    Spring, Winter
  • Soil Type
    Chalk, Clay, Loam
  • Special Attributes
    Low Maintenance, Some Resistance to Rabbits & Deer
  • Sunlight
    Partial Shade
  • Toxicity
    Skin Irritant


The autumn, more specifically, the time between September and November, is a good time to plant Lenten Roses. At that time, the hardy perennials don't flower, but they have already initiated flowers deep down in their leaf axils during the summer and will produce them in the following spring. However, Lenten Roses can also be planted in the garden in spring, if the ground not frozen. They thrive in a place in the shade, for example near deciduous woody plants.

Lenten Roses are ideal for large planters and window boxes.



September through November, when the plants are not in flower, is a good time to plant Lenten Roses. Avoid planting them in summer, when the ground can be too dry. A good time to transplant Lenten Roses is spring, when the plants are in their growth phase. The location can be partially shaded to shaded, but exposure to the midday sun should absolutely be avoided.


Dig a hole that is at least double the size of the root ball to allow new roots to spread out unhindered. Loosen the soil at the bottom of the hole to a good depth, because Lenten Roses are deep rooters.


Remove the plant pot before planting. Immerse the root ball in water to make sure it is sufficiently moist.


Plant Lenten Roses deeply and lightly cover the top of the root ball with soil. Use your hands to form a small circular ridge around the edge for improved water retention while the plant establishes itself.


Water the plant in after planting. Take special care that there is an adequate supply of water, especially after planting. Christmas, Snow and Lenten Roses should never be allowed to completely dry out.


Space Spring Promise® Lenten Roses approximately 60-80 cm apart because the plants will grow strongly in their second year and require more space.


Christmas Roses, Snow Roses and Lenten Roses all happily grow and thrive well without requiring a great deal of maintenance if planted in the right spot. Even in planters, the charming winter flowerers don't require a great deal of work. To avoid the occurrence of frost drought, water the Helleborus plants sufficiently during periods of mild weather.

In the summer, you want to move the planter to a shady place and water it occasionally to prevent the plant from drying out.


Removing dead flowers from hellebores during the flowering season is normally not necessary; the slightly pink or green tones the flowers take on as they fade actually extend the flowering season in winter. Remove the seed pods before they open, as offspring plants normally don't flower well and might suppress the original plants.


With Lenten Roses, it is recommendable to remove all leaves before the plants start to flower in December and January (when budding stems are approximately 10 cm in height). The old and brown leaves of Christmas Roses and Snow Roses can best be removed in the spring and summer.


Helleborus plants do not require any fertiliser in their first spring. Feed older plants from February onwards and apply a second dressing of fertiliser in midsummer, when the plants grow new roots and initiate flower buds for the next season. Organic fertilizers such as horn shavings and compost have proven to be the fertilizers of choice. If the plants suffer lime deficiency, soils can be improved by working in Dolomite lime or crushed eggshells.

The leaves that have fallen off nearby deciduous trees provide a layer of mulch in winter; simply leave them lying on the ground. They form a layer that activates soil life. Helleborus is very sensitive to root injuries. For this reason, the ground around it should not be dug.

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