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One Stop Tomato Shop

For the tastiest tomatoes its better to grown your own. Tomatoes are fast growing, crop all summer and don’t take up much space. They are easy to grow so if you haven’t tried before, have a go now!


The Tomato essentials

Give them warmth when they are young and avoid frosts.

Grow them to maturity in a sunny, warm and sheltered spot.

Keep them well fed and watered for the best crops.


Where to grow tomatoes

Tomatoes love warmth and sunshine so will of course grow well in a greenhouse but you don’t need one to enable you to produce a healthy crop. You can grow them in a plastic growhouse or outside on the patio or on a balcony: almost anywhere warm and sunny


They can be planted directly into the soil in a greenhouse or garden or can be grown in almost any container of good compost that is big enough to provide the plant with sufficient water and nutrients.


Which plants to choose?

There are lots to choose from in a range of colours and sizes. You are not restricted to tall varieties that need support – bushy varieties are available that need no support and there are even tumbling varieties for hanging baskets.


Tomatoes at Cowell's

Below is a list of the varieties we will be stocking, they may not all be available continually therefore if you are looking for a particular variety please check before making a special journey. Are team are always on available in centre to help and advise if you are unsure which variety best suits your needs.



Alisia Craig - An old favourite, producing masses of fine-flavoured, mid-red fruits.

Alicante - Consistently good results are achieved by this established and reliable variety. Early, medium sized fruits, good flavour.

Big Boy F1 - Produces superb tomatoes which can weigh up to 250g and measure 10cm in diameter.

Black Cherry F1 - Wonderful fresh or cooked, Tomato Black Cherry adds deep colour to dishes. 

Gardeners Delight - Masses of sweet and tangy, large 'cherry' fruits. A Best Buy variety as recommended by the Gardening Press.

Golden Sunrise - Sunny yellow, globe-shaped fruits have a wonderfully sweet flavour, and look lovely in salads.

Minibel - Bite-sized cherry tomatoes with an irresistible, sweet flavour. Compact, approx. 30cm (12in) high plants are suitable for pots, containers and hanging baskets.

Moneymaker - For many this is the gardeners' standard choice as it is a heavy cropper of fine tasty fruits approximately 60g/2oz.

Roma - Heavy cropping, fleshy, deep red plums that are almost seedless. Perfect for pasta and sauces.

Shirley F1 - An established favourite which gives heavy crops of tasty 85g/3oz fruits.

Sparta F1 - Big yielding, improved 'Shirley' type for cool or warm greenhouse growing.

Sungold F1 - Many people think Sungold F1 is the best tasting tomato of all. Attractive golden fruits which have a very high sugar content balanced with some acidity.

Supersweet 100 - Features sweet, bite-sized tomatoes and great disease resistance. It's perfect for snacking, salads, or juicing.

Sweet Million - One of the most popular varieties worldwide. Approximately 30 to the pound of luscious small cherry fruits cover the plant. Pick and eat as you pass.

Totem F1 - This naturally compact plant is perfect if you have little space and produces good yields of medium sized red tomatoes.

Tumbler F1 - This vigorous, trailing British-bred tomato is ideal for hanging baskets and containers on the patio, up to 4kg (9 lb) of delicious cherry-sized fruit in a single season.

Tumbling Tom Red - Ideal for baskets and containers from which it will gently tumble. Produces lots of sweet, medium-sized cherry fruits.

Tumbling Tom Yellow - Juicy medium-sized cherry tomatoes for baskets or tubs.  Best outdoors.


Grafted Tomatoes

Aviditas - A delectable mini plum variety, it produces an abundance of fruit which can be harvested loose or as a full truss. The fruit average 15-20 grams and are very sweet, with good cracking tolerance.

Belriccio - A delicious beefsteak tomato, ideal for slicing, frying and grilling. Enormous fruits.

Buffalo Steak - Shiny and very aromatic fruits with a fruit weight of approx. 300g are perfect for burgers, pizzas etc.

Crimson Crush - As well as its ability to shrug off even the worst blight, Crimson Crush will provide great yields of exceptionally fine tasting, large, round tomatoes (each weighing up to 200g)

Dasher F1 - The grafted plum-shaped cherry tomato 'Dasher' F1 is very crisp and sweet. Fruit weight is about 20-30g.

Elegance - A vigorous growing variety, producing heavy trusses of standard size tomatoes of fine colour and flavour.

Giulietta - Large-fruited Italian plum variety, the fruits set well, even under cool conditions, and are juicy and delicious. It produces high yields and boasts a good range of disease resistance.

Orange Paruche - Excels in productivity and taste with astonishing quantities of brilliant, glowing orange fruit that are irresistible and vitamin-packed. The 2.5cm (1") round fruit crowd branched trusses on these vigorous plants.

Philona - Amazing flavour, high yields and an exceptionally large range of resistances, e.g. to leaf blight and powdery mildew.

Picolino - The grafted cherry tomato 'Piccolino' F1 has high yields with extremely tasty fruits that weight 30-40g.

Solena® Sweet Red - The grafted 'Solena® Sweet Red' tomato has high yields & is very robust and tolerant to diseases. The shiny, aromatic fruits weight of approx. 20g & are perfect for snacking directly from the plant.

Sportivo - The grafted tomato 'Sportivo' F1 has a first-class taste. The fruit weight is 85-95g. (not available 2018)

Sweet Petit - A vigorous-growing cherry tomato producing long, fishbone-shaped trusses of shiny red, deliciously sweet and tasty fruit.

Tutti Frutti Cherry - An intense red tomato which is bursting with sweetness, with a rich after-taste. Small-sized round fruits are produced in abundance. Fruit size average 20g

Tutti Frutti Grape - Producing big bunches of grape-shaped tomatoes, up to 50 fruits per truss with a sweet and fruity taste.Best grown in a greenhouse. Fruit size average 20g

Tutti Frutti Mandarin - A deep orange tomato with fruity sweetness, sufficient acidity and an orange scent which almost convinces you that you are eating a mandarin! Fruit size average 80g.

Tutti Frutti Berry - Bursting with sweetness, with a rich after-taste. Small-sized round fruits are produced in abundance. Fruit size average 20g


Grafted Vegetable Information and Care Tips


Heirloom/Heritage Tomatoes

Brandywine - The most popular heirloom variety! A favourite of many gardeners; Beautiful large pink fruit with superb flavour. Fruit weight is 500-700g

Green Zebra - A favourite tomato of many high class chefs, specialty markets, and home gardeners. Yield is excellent. Green & yellow stripes. Fruit weight is 80-90g.

Lemon Tree - Unusual lemon shaped, yellow tomato, distinct fresh sharp flavour very useful for salads. Fruit weight is 85g.

Red Zebra - Red version of the popular Green Zebra. Fire engine red fruit are covered with bright yellow stripes. Sweet and flavourful. Fruit weight is 80-90g.

Striped Stuffer - Bell-pepper-like shape with glossy red fruits that feature golden-orange stripes. Good for stuffing! Fruit weight 190-210g.

Vintage Wine - Rich flavourful beefsteak with eye catching orange and gold striped pink skin. Fruit weight 500-800g






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