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Last Minute Christmas Gift for Gardeners

Last Minute Christmas Gift for Gardeners

Looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for gardeners in your family? Look no further than our recommendations for you to pick up straight away and get your Christmas shopping all done. Sometimes it can seem like an endless task with the need to come up with thoughtful, easy to buy and environmentally friendly options for family and friends to enjoy. Thankfully gardeners generally like any gift with plants, so the options are many, from seed boxes to tools and clothing to plants. If it’s getting close to Christmas and you are wondering what to get, we’ve got some ideas for you below. 

  1. Box of seeds 
  2. Gift vouchers
  3. Winter shrubs 
  4. Propagation accessories
  5. Houseplants

1. A great last-minute Christmas gift for gardeners is a seed box 

For any gardener, receiving new seeds as a gift is always a pleasure, and Christmas is a great time of year to gift them, ready for sowing in spring. Pick out a decorative box or wrap a seed tray in festive paper, this will keep the seed packets together and make them easier to wrap. Whether the recipient prefers vegetable gardening or pretty flowers, there are plenty of seeds to choose from and you might choose something new and different that they haven't grown before! 

2. Gift vouchers are an option for a last-minute Christmas gift for gardeners 

If it’s last minute and you have no time to get out to the shops, gift vouchers are a prefect choice! They can be posted to yourself to give to friends and family or, they can sent directly to the recipient with your message included. BY gifting a voucher your loved one will be able to choose the perfect item for their home or garden from our great range, options include: 

  • a stylish new glazed pot for their patio or front door
  • replacement gloves for their tatty old pair
  • a firepit to keep warm when enjoying the garden on chilly evenings

3. Last-minute Christmas gift for gardeners includes winter shrubs 

In fact, any shrubs! A winter shrub in full leaf and maybe even flower can be a lovely instant impact gift; now is an ideal time to be planting as well providing the ground is not frozen or waterlogged. Viburnum, Skimmia, Mahonia and Daphne are all good options. Wrap the container with a big Christmas bow, or we can gift wrap it for you!

4. Propagation accessories are an easy last-minute Christmas gift for gardeners 

It can be helpful to have propagation tools and accessories when sowing seeds. Gardeners will love to receive propagation kits, including a seed tray and propagation lid with a vent on top, plus a dibber and labels for seed sowing.

5. The easiest last-minute Christmas gift for gardeners 

This has to be a houseplant! The options are endless, from plants in pots to pre-planted displays. You could even plant a pot up yourself and wrap it up with Christmas paper. From big, bold Monstera to pretty flowering Christmas Cactus. Here's a small list of pretty houseplants that any gardener will love: 

  • Epipremnum
  • Hoya
  • Sansevieria
  • Anthurium
  • Peperomia

For all of your last minute Christmas gifts, visit us in-store or on-line for plants, accessories, and so much more!