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Thanks Plants!

Thanks Plants!

You always feel better with plants around you!

We’re saying ‘Thanks Plants’ as we celebrate houseplants for making us feel more energetic, more relaxed, happier and healthier!


No life without plants

The history of plants is part of the history of the Earth itself. They are essential for our planet's survival. Thanks to their ability to convert sunlight into energy via photosynthesise, plants are the world's main producers of oxygen, and also the basis for most food chains. In terms of evolution, the existence of animals on land could only occur after plants had arrived. Without them, there would be no oxygen, no food, no animals — and we wouldn't exist either.

What plants do for you

Everyone can enjoy houseplants. It's been shown that they make our environment considerably more pleasant, as they reduce stress. A Japanese study showed that taking a 3-minute break from your computer screen to care for or just look at a plant can help to reduce your pulse rate and anxiety levels. Being around plants, even if it’s just a cactus on a desk, reminds us of nature and the outdoors, connecting us to a healthier way of life. Bring plants into the office to boost your mood and your work output.

Thanks Plants!

Since plants do so much for us, it would be a lovely gesture to give them some extra attention in return. So make the effort to get to know these living things. Water them regularly, give them a feed, and polish their leaves until they shine. They really do thrive on that — and it will also give you a boost too. Houseplants are more than just home decor objects, they're well and truly alive. Plants are life itself. Thanks, plants.


To help everyone say 'Thanks Plants!' there will be a different houseplant offer running daily between 20 - 26 September 2021, keep an eye on our website and social media channels for more information and follow the #cowellsthanksplants


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