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Thanks Plants for Putting the 'Home' in Home Office

Thanks Plants for Putting the 'Home' in Home Office

We cannot emphasize it enough: plants are your best colleagues. They are good for your mental health, your creativity and the peace of mind at your home workplace. Lets take a look at the cheerful and scientific facts at a glance.

Better air quality and humidity

The air quality in modern office buildings often leaves a lot to be desired. The printer, the copier, the air conditioning: they all vaporize invisible, harmful substances. But the air quality at your home workplace also often leaves a lot to be desired, for example due to low humidity. This can result in headaches, fatigue and irritation to the eyes, mucous membranes and respiratory tract. But here are the saviours: plants! Plants purify the air through tiny mouths in the leaves, bacteria in the soil and through the roots. They then convert the bad substances into food for themselves, oxygen for you and moisture for the air. That has even been proven by NASA.

More peace and creativity

According to scientific research, active interaction with houseplants can reduce stress (compared to a mental computer task). The nervous system and blood pressure are relaxed and comfortable and natural feelings are enhanced. It is therefore advisable to take a plant break every now and then, especially if you are doing mental work. By the way, your creativity also increases, even with just one plant on your desk. Researchers think that this is caused by the healing and soothing effect of plants. This gives you more room in your head for creative ideas. So "scientifically responsible" is a good argument to convince your boss!

Less noise and stress

With the right plants in the right place, you can still concentrate - even when you work in a noisy environment. Plants help to reduce noise pollution. They use their leaves to capture, reflect or scatter sound waves. For best effect, place your plant in a corner, or even better - place several together. * This is one of the reasons why plants are known to reduce stress. So give plants a place in your home office. You will see they are employee of the year in no time!

* Based on research from South Bank University in London.

Article and images courtesy of The Joy of Plants -



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