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Jewel Orchids

Jewel Orchids

Unlike most Orchids that we know and love, Jewel Orchids are not renowned for their flowers. It is instead their foliage that makes them attractive and desirable. Their leaves are velvety and textured and come in deep, rich shades of green, brown and red. The most priced Jewel Orchids are those with interesting markings on their foliage, these can be in the form of sections, veins or lightning bolt patterns! The best example of this phenomenon is Macodes petola which boasts shimmering, golden lightning bolts across broad, deep green leaves.

In the right environment, Jewel Orchids are easy to care for, low maintenance houseplants. They are naturally found on the floors of rainforests so do better in a shaded spot, in fact too much light can fade the rich colours of the foliage. Young plants are often kept in sphagnum moss before being transferred to a houseplant soil once established. The most important factor to consider to offer the best environment for your Jewel Orchid is humidity, they need high levels to thrive. This can be achieved by locating them in the bathroom but be careful that there is constant temperature for them, they will not respond well to fluctuations caused by open windows or low night time temperatures during winter. For a perfectly controlled environment a terrarium is perfect. They can be grown alone in small domes or in groups in larger jars where you can make a mini world for them.


If you would like any advice on selecting or growing Jewel Orchids our friendly team are always happy to help.



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