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How to combine concrete accents with plants?

How to combine concrete accents with plants?

Be on trend and combine concrete accents with plants in your home for a stylish and cool look. Concrete is not just for building houses, it can be used in many ways and with the addition of plants to soften the view you can create something really special and personalised to your taste. From concrete kitchen work tops to plants pots, we have put together these ideas for you to try. 

Combine concrete accents with plants on your kitchen worktop

For a stunning and incredibly durable kitchen worktop, why not ditch the wood or laminate and go full on concrete. There are some beautiful yet industrial kitchens to style yours on, if you take a look at some photos online. The best worktops are dressed with lush green herbs growing in pots and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. The colours brighten up the room and the green foliage softens the sharpness of the concrete. Together they make for a stunning kitchen. 

Concrete walls combine accents with plants 

If you are looking for something more than a concrete kitchen worktop, go big with a concrete wall. The grey colour is both trendy and industrial but with lovely furnishings and accessories, soften the look. Try fitting wooden shelves to the wall with your favourite plants in white pots so they really stand out and use a combination of trailing and architectural plants which your family and friends are sure to love.


Combine concrete accents with plants in concrete pots 

There are many different types of pots available to grow plants in and a whole variety of decorative pots to match your home but have you thought of a concrete pot? The plain, concrete colour allows the green foliage and coloured flowers to really stand out. The two together make a perfect match and look great of a surface such as a wooden worktop or table.


You can combine concrete accents with plants in your garden as well

Concrete is mostly known to be used outside of the home, but we hope the above has persuaded you otherwise. Theres non reason to think of just a concrete pathway in the garden because using concrete to build raised beds or a bench with a touch of wood as well is incredibly stylish. Why not paint it as well? White concrete walls with tall pleached trees look fantastic, especially in an urban garden, so the options are vast. 

Use concrete to create a sharp look and then plants to make it feel more natural, the two combine perfectly well and compliment each other in many ways. Of course, if you want to paint the concrete then white is very popular! If you are thinking of using concrete accents in your home, check out our plants in store to see what can compliment your style.