We've partnered with award winning app SmartPlant!

    We've partnered with award winning app SmartPlant!


    Identify plants and pests on your phone and receive personalised plant care instructions by scanning plant barcodes.


    SmartPlant is the app for every plant owner. They make it easy for you to have beautiful, healthy plants, every month of the year. SmartPlant also lets you identify plants and pests and connects you to hundreds of plant experts. They are your green fingered guru’s, ready to help you at the drop of a hat.

    SmartPlant Technology: You can scan plants at our Garden Centre and receive a FREE trial of our premium membership, monthly care notifications for your new purchase AND unlimited access to chat with the SmartPlant experts.

    The SmartPlant Features:

    The Library

    • The worlds largest plant library
    • Deep content including video’s, images and general plant care information
    • Simple and intuitive search and filters
    • Similar plant recommendations, so you can find your perfect combo
    • Browse and fill your Smart Home with plants, for FREE

    The Plant Care

    • FREE Monthly Plant Care for all your plants
    • Designed to be simple, no jargon
    • Any questions? Ask the experts

    The Barcodes

    • Scan plant barcodes at our retail partners
    • Get monthly care
    • Get free premium membership trial
    • Turning your plants “Smart” is EASY!

    The Identifications

    • Identify Plants and Pests
    • Freebies on the house, every month!

    The Experts

    • Hundreds of our plant experts ready for your questions
    • Chat to them about your care, your problems and general plant queries
    • Exclusive monthly tips from our experts for premium members

    The Homepage

    • Your Hub for all things planty
    • Exclusive offers, monthly highlights & articles
    • Plant recommendations, just for you


    Do I need to pay?

    No! You can turn all your plants “Smart” for FREE, and use our plant library for FREE too! Connecting to experts is a premium feature, but we even give you freebies to get started and monthly ones as well so you can connect to the experts for identifications and chats. Use code CGC to try all of the premium features for a free trial period.


    Download the SmartPlant app here

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