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Sempervivum 'Chick Charms'

Sempervivum are experiencing a renaissance with new and unusual varieties bringing this once garden staple back into the limelight.

With their ability to grow in many different areas, in some of the most difficult conditions, it's easy to see how the Latin name for Sempervium came about as it is formed from Semper meaning 'always' and Vivus meaning 'living'!

They are often referred to by their 'common' names as well, the most well known being 'Houseleek'. This name is believed to have originated in Wales where folk tails tell of locals who planted it on the roofs of their houses to ensure health and prosperity. Another of their names is 'Hens & Chicks' which refers to the mother plant, or hen, and the offset plants produced, chicks. This is where the brand 'Chick Charms' gained it's name from and the collection certainly does charm with it's new and colourful varieties of Sempervivum.

With a fantastic range of colours and features 'Chick Charms' can be incorporated into any garden or theme The 'Chick Charms' collection is also incredibly versatile being equally as happy in pots or containers as they are in rock gardens or alpine beds. They grow best in full sun in free-draining soil as, being a succulent, they require little water.

'Chick Charms' are in stock now in very limited numbers.



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