The joy of orange

Orange is the colour of joy and creativity...the perfect attributes for any garden planting scheme.

Plants with orange flowers or foliage bring warmth and intensity into your garden and with a vast range of shades available there is certain to be a variety just right for you.

You can bring out the best in both bright and pale oranges by combining them with complimentary colours:

  • Blue flowers give a magnificent effect, highlighting bright orange hues and making the colours 'pop' out of your border or container
  • Fiery orange with blue and yellow flowers creates a sizzling combination
  • A classic combination of orange, blue and red always works well
  • Orange, red and yellow give a hot, fiery blaze of colour
  • The shared red values of orange and purple allow them to compliment each other surprisingly well, sometimes even within the same plant as found in the West Country Lupin 'Masterpiece'
  • Pink alongside orange gives a super vibrant display that is certain to catch the eye and dazzle
  • Orange and lime greens work well together with them both having yellow values, a great example of this is Kniphofia (red hot poker)
  • Pale oranges alongside silver-leaf plants harmonise to give a beautiful combination


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