Campanula Ambella® Intense Purple *NEW*

Campanula Ambella® Intense Purple *NEW*

The Campanula Ambella® ‘Intense Purple™’ from Addenda® is a NEW hybrid, belonging to the portenschlagiana species. The typical characteristic of the Intense Purple™ is its intense dark purple colour, which is immediately very eye catching. In addition, it also has small, fine dark green leaves. The result is beautiful, spherical bloom development, covered with dark purple flowers.  Winter hardy, ideal for indoors or outdoors.  Garden or patio, containers or hanging baskets.  It really is a verstile plant.   More information here


Intense purple colour, visually darker than Ambella Purple

• Very high colour durability

• Sustainable grown / genetically very compact

• Clearly spherical growth and blooming from the heart of the plant

• Extremely strong flower development with 25% more bud and flower formation

• Longer, more even flowering habit with improved repeat flowering credentials

• 20% longer flowering period















Campanula Ambella® Intense Purple WINNER of Dutch Tulip Award

The Dutch Tulip Award, formerly known as ‘Glazen Tulp’ is the most prestigious award in the horticultural sector for the best market introduction of the year.



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