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The Queen's Green Canopy

The Queen's Green Canopy

The Queen's Green Canopy is a nationwide initiative that was set up to celebrate The Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Focusing on the tree planting season, the initiative began in October 2021, running until March 2022. During this time, over a million trees were planted in her Majesty's name across the country! Everyone can get involved with the initiative, which aims to create a network of individual trees, avenues, copses and whole woodlands which are mapped through a dedicated website.

The initiative was due to end in December - the end of the Jubilee year. However, following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and at the wishes of King Charles III, who is Patron of The Queen's Green Canopy organisation, the initiative will now be extended to include this full tree planting season, beginning in October 2022 and concluding in March 2023. 

The extension of the initiative will build on the legacy already achieved and serve as a lasting tribute to Queen Elizabeth while also bringing benefits for people, wildlife and the climate, now and in the future. We can not think of a better way to celebrate the life of Her Majesty who herself planted over 1,500 trees during her reign! 

We would love to see more trees added to the map in our local area, so why not get involved? We have a great range of trees in stock and our expert team will be happy to help and advise if you're not sure which tree will be perfect for your needs. Some trees that we recommend are:

Ornamental Trees

  • Prunus (Ornamental Cherry) - wonderful for bees, the blossom on an ornamental Cherry is fantastic in Spring
  • Malus (Crab Apple) - boasting both gorgeous blossom and Autumn fruits in a great range of colours and sizes, Crab Apples are understandably popular. They are also excellent pollinators for Apple trees
  • Sorbus (Rowan, Mountain Ash) - lovely fern-like foliage displaying fantastic autumn colour and attractive berries in a range of colours depending on the variety

Fruit Trees

  • Apple - easy to grow and always popular, Apples trees have been a feature in many British gardens for generations. Some newer introductions offer improved disease resistance and better yields than more traditional varieties. One of our favourites is 'Scrumptious'
  • Plum - 'Victoria' is the best known variety of Plum and with large crops of tasty fruit, it is easy to see why! Plum trees are also easy to grow and do very well when 'fan-trained' and grown against a wall, which has the added bonus of also saving space
  • Cherry - with pretty blossom in the Spring and delicious fruit in the Summer, Cherries are a great addition to any garden. They grow best in well-drained soil

Planting Tips for Trees

Once you have selected the right tree for your garden, soak the pot in water. Meanwhile, dig a hole twice as wide and deep as the pot, adding a good quality tree planting compost and some Rootgrow to the hole. Remove the tree from the pot and loosen the roots to encourage them to grow into the soil. Place the tree in the hole and ensure that it is level with the soil around it (you don’t want to cover any of the stem). Backfill the hole and firm down the soil. Water the area well and add a layer of mulch such as composted bark or soil conditioner around the base (approximately 10cm radius). If your garden is prone to hungry wildlife, add a tree guard to protect the stem. To keep your tree upright, add a stake alongside it at a 45-degree angle or upright depending upon preference, remembering to position the stake to protect the tree from prevailing winds and then use a tree tie around the stem to secure it.

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