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Lekto Hardwood Heat Logs 20kg

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Lekto Hardwood Heat Logs 20kg

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Price £ 16.99
Quantity Price per item
2£ 14.99
  • Quantity
In stock

Lekto Hardwood Heat Logs

Are you looking for a more reliable alternative to traditional logs? Lekto’s Hardwood Heat Logs could be the product you’ve been searching for. There are so many reasons why they provide such great value, including:

  • Extra dry with a moisture content below 9%
  • High heating value means rooms heat up faster and get warmer
  • Easy to light
  • Consistent log size and reliable burn
  • Bright and beautiful flame
  • Calorific Value: 5.15kWh/kg

You can use these hardwood heat logs in open fires, wood burners, multi-fuel stoves, log boilers, BBQs and cassettes fires.

Each mini-pack contains 10 heat logs.

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    Lekto Wood Fuels

Why Use Heat Logs Instead of Traditional Firewood?
Relaxing in front of an open fire, cooking pizza in a traditional oven, warming yourself by the chiminea, toasting marshmallows around the firepit, all conjure up images of happy times and joyful memories.

Whilst you may think you need traditional firewood and logs to enjoy these activities that’s not the case. Hardwood heat logs bring many benefits that make it easier to light and burn your fires, as well as cleaning up afterwards.

Easy To Light: The compressed hardwood in these heat logs mean they are extremely easy to light. You can use individual logs to boost traditional fires or create the fire using just these heat logs. For the first time use only half a log as they give out a lot of heat and expand.

Higher Burning Temperatures: Lekto’s heat logs have a higher burning temperature than traditional firewood. They also heat up more quickly than normal wood, ideal when cooking or heating your room with a log burner. We recommend to break hardwood heat log in 2 or more pieces as they expand in size.

Long Burning Times: Because they are made of compressed wood you have more material to burn, so they will stay alight for longer. You’ll also find they produce much less ash and waste than other firewood logs.

Versatile Uses: Hardwood heat logs can be used for log burners and stoves, pizza ovens, fire pits, chiminea, open fires, etc. You can use them anywhere you would use traditional fire logs.

Natural Product: The wood for these logs is harvested from sustainable plantations and no chemical additives are used during processing. You can even use the ash to fertilize your garden once they have burnt.

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