Fraser Fir 5-6ft (150-175cm)

Fraser Fir (Abies Fraseri)

Narrow, fragrant and bushy

Splendid for smaller spaces due to its slimmer, conical shape, the Fraser fir also has a delicious balsam scent which fills the room for the entire festive period. This tree helps to reduce vacuuming time with its good needle retention, and its dense branches hold soft green/silver needles – perfect for a family Christmas.

More About Fraser Fir

Fraser fir is not widely grown as it only thrives in specific locations, especially from where it originates in the Appalachian Mountains of South Eastern USA. Luckily – our Fraser fir growers have spent years perfecting how to get the best growth and shape. Fraser fir is widely used as a Christmas tree, especially in America, and has been used more times than any other as the official White House Christmas tree.

Though the Fraser fir has a balsam fragrance, it is not to be confused with the closely related Balsam fir. The Balsam fir drops it's needles more easily, therefore we don't use it as a Christmas tree.

  • EAN code
  • Brand
    Needlefresh Christmas Trees
  • Christmas Tree Type
    Fraser Fir
  • Height
    5-6ft (150-175cm)




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