Work Off That Christmas Dinner by Giving your Greenhouse a Good Scrub

Work Off That Christmas Dinner by Giving your Greenhouse a Good Scrub

Give the greenhouse a good scrub and you’ll not only work off all that Christmas overindulgence – you’ll also get a warm glow of satisfaction from getting a job done which really pays dividends later in the year. You'll winkle out overwintering pests from their nooks and crannies, and by washing off all the algae and dirt you'll also let in lots of light: you need every bit you can get at this time of year.

Clean Your Greenhouses

You'll need an ordinary garden hose – if yours is a little the worse for wear you’ll find plenty of choice on the shelves here at our garden centre in Woolsington. A brush hose attachment makes the job even easier. Work your way round every pane of glass directing the jet of water with one hand, and with the other scrubbing away the season's build-up of green algae, rotting leaves and other detritus to leave clear, sparkling glass.

Post-Christmas Gardening

Next get an ordinary plant label and run it along the joins between the aluminium frame and the glass. This winkles out moss and muck and also gets rid of insect eggs, pupae and overwintering insects. Finish by scrubbing down shelves, staging and paths with plant-friendly disinfectant before relaxing with a well-earned cup of tea.

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